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Our Programs

Become an AllianceQ Member Our Benefits
  1. Access key resources, knowledge and statistics.
  2. Protect your employer brand.
  3. Improve your candidate experience.
  4. Be part of the sustainable recruitment movement.
  5. Get an Q-Certification badge for your website (fosters candidate trust and goodwill).
  6. Access an ever growing, quality candidate database.
  7. Source passive candidates.
  8. Increase job seeker reach and benefit from the entire group's recruitment budgets.
  9. Reduce sourcing time and spending.
  10. Reduce the time and cost to recruit interview-ready candidates.


Employer of excellence certification for your careers website. Q-Certification is a "badge" for your website that indicates a mark of excellence and honor in recruiting. Q-Certification promotes candidate goodwill and confidence, and it identifies your company as a participant in the sustainable and open recruitment movement. By proudly displaying the Q-Certification badge on your website (career and / or company websites), you tell the world that your company is helping the community around you to recruit and be recruited, and you are engaged in the sharing of resources and knowledge to help build a more open and sustainable recruitment environment. Only those companies that are members of AllianceQ and participate in the programs are eligible to display the Q-Certification badge.

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Open Skies

Helping the candidates our members cannot hire, find other employment opportunities. Open Skies is a candidate referral program that helps the many millions of candidates that our members simply cannot hire, connect with and be found for other employment opportunities.

Open Skies is a vendor-neutral Open Talent Network program, where candidates can opt-in to be part of a very large and anonymous candidate database, where other AllianceQ members and thousands of other employers can easily find and hire them.

Unlike other imitation candidate networks that have followed in the wake of AllianceQ, which are closed vendor-centric technologies and programs designed to lock-in candidates and employers, Open Skies is built on an open and shared principle that is open to any employer, vendor, technology and candidate, and requires no technology integration or purchase for any employer or candidate to participate.

Open Skies is the leading Open Talent Network providing millions of candidates with fair and equal ways to connect with any employer.

Open Skies provides:

  • Elegant ways to communicate with all candidates
  • Employer brand protection
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Increased candidate referrals

Because candidates are customers too!

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Sharing resources to build and access a sustainable, continually growing, quality candidate database. Through the Open Skies program, AllianceQ members build a continually growing, quality candidate database. It is through the Eco-Source program that AllianceQ members can quickly identify and engage with interview-ready candidates and hire at no cost. Through Eco-Source, members are provided with a unique and very simple candidate sourcing and selection technology that can instantly identify the exact interview-ready candidate they want, from millions of potential applicants.

Eco-Source provides:

  • Free candidate sourcing
  • A free "Just-In-Time" sourcing tool and continually growing candidate database
  • A free "Contingency Search Agency" continually looking for great candidates
  • Increased passive candidate reach
  • Leveraging of past and future recruitment budgets
  • Collaboration to significantly increase candidate reach for less overall cost

Because "We" is more powerful than "I"

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Workforce 2020

Building public / private partnerships and connecting to local, state and federal unemployed programs. Workforce 2020 is a workforce initiative that harnesses the power of our members and the thousands of other employers in the AllianceQ Open-Talent Network, and connects them to the local unemployed / underemployed who participate in local, state or federally funded training and employment programs. Workforce 2020 is an end-to-end workforce solution that enables government or private workforce agencies to capture, manage and evolve workforce candidates into job-ready candidates, and disseminate their information out to the thousands of employers in the AllianceQ Open Talent Network who are searching for candidates each and every day. The outcome is that the workforce agencies can now connect with and share resources with each other, and every employer in the AllianceQ Open Talent Network is now able to work with and hire from their local workforce talent pool from the one system. Workforce 2020 is implemented for the entire country of New Zealand, for the city of Milwaukee and in other Workforce Investment Boards and private workforce organizations in the mid-west.

For more information on Workforce 2020, please email Gary Scheier at

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United We Work

Corporate America easing unemployment through a free candidate sourcing solution. United We Work was a year-long program launched by nine of the AllianceQ members during the 2009/2010 economic slowdown. It offered US employers free access to the Eco-Source candidate database – allowing them to easily find and hire candidates.

The goal of the program was to remove as many barriers as possible from recruitment in an effort to stimulate more hiring at a faster rate.

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Member Max

Giving AllianceQ members new value-added service offerings that can provide to their client base. The Member Max program is designed for AllianceQ members that have a client base of potential employers or candidates. Member Max provides:

  • Resale and white-label opportunities
  • Access to the candidate database
  • Hybrid solutions, including white-labelling of the Alliance's candidate sourcing technology

Member Max offers our members ways to offer more value to their client base and in some cases, generate new passive and recurring revenue streams through the distribution of core AllianceQ products and services.

For more information on Member max, please contact us.

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Solutions for measuring and improving candidate experience and employer brand. Through the implementation of the Open Skies program, AllianceQ members can now measure their recruitment brand, brand loyalty and candidate experience. They can make changes to their recruitment practice and see the impact this has on their candidate experience and employer brand in real time.

Q-Care is a critical element in building candidate loyalty and trust, and is just one of the ways AllianceQ promotes and supports its members in understanding and implementing best practice recruitment process to lower the overall cost of recruitment.

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