Why was AllianceQ formed?

Our member employers are tired of the fragmented, expensive and proprietary nature of recruitment, where barriers are placed between job seekers and jobs in the name of revenue.

Our employer members realize that together they are the biggest force in recruiting – they have all the jobs and the resources – and if they collaborate, they are the market and they can set the rules.

Our mission statement

Read our core beliefs
  • Represent the highest standard in recruitment that employers aspire to reach, and job seekers demand
  • Work to continually remove barriers from recruitment
  • Strive to continually look for ways to improve the candidate experience
  • Foster an open 'inclusive' recruitment ecosystem where everyone can participate
  • Substantially reduce the time and cost of recruitment for both our employer members and job seekers

AllianceQ Charter

Our Core Beliefs
  1. Job seekers have the right to fair, honest and timely evaluation and communication.
  2. Job seekers deserve to be treated with respect and dignity in all interactions.
  3. Job seekers' access to jobs should not be dependent on any financial resources or commitment.
  4. Job seekers have the right to continually seek to improve themselves and their careers.
  5. Employers have the right to source quality candidates without stipulations.
  6. Employers have the right to expect open and honest interactions with job seekers.
  7. Employers have an obligation to maximize their resources and minimize recruitment time and cost wherever possible.
Our Goals
  1. Provide members with a zero-cost recruitment solution for three out of every five jobs.
  2. Continually work to improve the experience for, and offer more opportunities to job candidates who cannot be hired at this time.
  3. Provide small businesses with a cost effective, simple recruitment solution.
  4. Become an industry leading source for quality statistics and emerging trends in recruiting.
  5. Build a 'naturally diverse' database of job candidates.


AllianceQ will:

  • Actively enlist new AllianceQ members
  • Ensure active participation by our members
  • Continually strive to reach our goals and deliver to our mission
  • Provide regular intelligence regarding performance of the program, feedback and process learning
  • Form and manage an Advisory Board to direct the future direction of the Alliance
  • Provide local workforce organizations with tools to manage and promote their job seekers to AllianceQ members


Membership in AllianceQ is limited to organizations with more than 500 employees, that are committed to and agree to adhere to the fundamental principles of AllianceQ. Members must engage in one or more of the programs offered by AllianceQ, and work to implement or otherwise engage in the Alliance's best practice recruiting standards in an effort to deliver to our mission and goals as a group.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is the executive body of the Alliance. The Advisory Board consists of representatives and thought leaders from within the recruitment community, AllianceQ member companies and bi-partisan vendors in the wider recruitment and human resources arena.

Complete Control

The Advisory Board has complete control to implement change to the structure, rules and operating activities of the Alliance.


Officers of AllianceQ shall be appointed by the Advisory Board for a term of two years. Officers shall consist of a Chairperson and the Director.


Advisory Board Responsibilities:

  • Actively promote the Alliance
  • Contribute to the success of the Alliance by providing feedback from day-to-day users, issues, concerns and key knowledge
  • Participate in strategic thought and guide the future direction of the Alliance
  • Uphold the rules and procedures
  • Support Board decisions
  • Review and validate new members into the Alliance
  • Actively share new ideas and undertake to build a better future for recruitment
  • Meet at a minimum on a quarterly basis

Chairperson's Responsibilities:

  • Actively promote the Alliance
  • Facilitate and lead the Advisory Board quarterly meetings
  • Act as communication liaison between Alliance members and the Board
  • Coordinate the assignment of activities to Board members
  • Follow up on assigned responsibilities
  • Establish necessary deadlines based on Board decisions
  • Schedule and develop an agenda for Board meetings
  • Prepare a quarterly and an annual report on Board accomplishments
  • Prepare a report of the Alliance objectives for the next calendar year
  • Ensure the effectiveness of Board meetings by directing discussions to meet mission and objectives


  • Meetings will initially be held quarterly, preferably on the first Thursday of each quarter from 8:30am to 10:30am
  • Special meetings of the Board may be called by the Chairperson upon his / her initiative, or upon the request of at least five (5) Board members
  • Special meetings will be counted as regular meetings when being applied towards quarterly meeting commitments


A quorum for the conduct of business at each meeting shall be a simple majority of the Board.

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