• Member Programs

    Different initiatives that provide our members with cost savings and / or increase employer brand value.

  • Partner Network

    Access to product information, white papers, vendors and discounted solutions.

  • Knowledge Network

    Access to statistics, data intelligence and recruitment trends, and connections to peers and recruitment leaders from corporate America and beyond.

  • Thought Leadership

    Member conferences, surveys, white papers and strategic sessions with key recruitment leaders.

Our Core Benefits

  1. Access key resources, knowledge and statistics.
  2. Protect your employer brand.
  3. Improve your candidate experience.
  4. Be part of the sustainable recruitment movement.
  5. Get an Q-Certification badge for your website (fosters candidate trust and goodwill).
  6. Access an ever growing, quality candidate database.
  7. Source passive candidates.
  8. Increase job seeker reach and benefit from the entire group's recruitment budgets.
  9. Reduce sourcing time and spending.
  10. Reduce the time and cost to recruit interview-ready candidates.

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